Skilled ERISA Medical Insurance Dispute Attorneys Advocating For You

Insurance companies often deny coverage for medical treatments they deem “unnecessary,” “experimental” or “not authorized” by the plan; even FDA-approved medications and treatments are often denied. Other commonly denied medical treatments include mental health care, substance abuse treatment and cancer care treatments.

At Creitz & Serebin, we believe any medical treatment that your doctor feels will improve your health and quality of life should be covered. Attorney Joseph Creitz has been litigating Vax-D denial cases against United Healthcare for the past nine years. We are committed to getting you the medical treatments you need to heal.

Individuals throughout the Bay Area turn to our team for help securing promised medical benefits. The reason? Our in-depth knowledge of medical benefit laws, our commitment to hard work, and our record of success.

Litigating Denied ERISA Health Insurance Benefits

If you purchased your health insurance through your employer, or if your employer purchased medical coverage on your behalf, your legal claim may fall under ERISA – a federal law governing employee benefits.

ERISA health benefit appeals can be complicated. Strict guidelines and abbreviated timetables apply, so you must act quickly. Speaking with a lawyer who is experienced in ERISA-based claims is the best way to protect your interests and get the health benefits you need.

At Creitz & Serebin, we frequently litigate ERISA health benefits cases in federal court. We have successfully represented clients in complex insurance benefit denial cases involving many of the country’s largest health insurance companies. Insurers know we are committed to our clients and will not hesitate to go to trial to enforce our clients’ rights.

Our extensive ERISA experience benefits our clients. We understand how insurance companies work, have established relationships with opposing counsel and know how to craft strong legal strategies that get results.

Our Priority: Maximizing Your Recovery

For help navigating your claim, call 415-466-3090 or contact our firm online to schedule a consultation. Located in San Francisco, our firm helps employees in San Jose, throughout the Bay Area and across the nation obtain the medical benefits they have earned. You worry about your health; we will handle the legal aspects of your claim.