Long-Term Care Benefits Attorneys Advocating For The Elderly

Imagine this: You or a loved one purchased a long-term care (LTC) insurance policy years ago to cover the costs of care in your old age and have been paying the premiums ever since. Now, when old age, illness or a disability makes it necessary to collect your benefits, your insurance company is refusing to pay the benefits you were promised. Unfortunately, this is a familiar scenario for many Americans.

Over the years, Creitz & Serebin LLP has earned a reputation for being highly skilled, effective legal advocates. Our attorneys are respected in the local legal community and known to insurers throughout San Francisco, the Bay Area and the country. We are dedicated to vindicating the rights of elderly individuals.

Maximize Your Recovery After Being Denied LTC Insurance Benefits

Medical advancements and increased knowledge regarding health care have resulted in longer life spans. To protect their bottom line, many insurance companies have begun strictly scrutinizing existing long-term care policies, denying claims and delaying benefits for any reason they can find. Common reasons to deny LTC benefits include:

  • Ineligible care provider
    Insurance companies may try to claim the long-term care facility chosen is not covered by the policy.
  • Not medically necessary
    Insurers may argue that you do not need the LTC treatments/benefits you are trying to claim.
  • Personal care excluded
    Insurers may claim that certain services provided by caregivers or family members, such as housework or running errands, are excluded from coverage.
  • Unreasonable documentation required
    When insurers require a burdensome amount of documentation before processing your claim, they may be attempting to delay or deny your benefits.
  • Prior hospitalization necessary
    Many policies require the insured to be hospitalized or confined to a nursing home prior to paying benefits.
  • Coverage lapse due to unpaid premiums
    If insureds miss or make late premium payments, insurance companies may try to claim the policy has lapsed.
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