Federal And State Employees: Protecting Your Benefits

Government employers frequently prioritize their budgetary concerns ahead of the benefit promises they have already made to their employees. If you work for a state, county or municipality and believe you have been wrongly denied benefits, Creitz & Serebin LLP can help.

Located in San Francisco, our attorneys have more than 45 years of combined experience representing government employees throughout the state. During this time we have perfected the art of litigation. Our attorneys are skilled litigators and firm negotiators. We are dedicated to vindicating our clients’ rights and maximizing our clients’ recovery.

Appealing Denied ERISA Benefits Claims

Government employees are not governed by ERISA. Instead, benefits are controlled by state law. The processes and remedies available differ based on your claim.

In California, disputes regarding denied disability and retirement benefits are handled through arbitration and administrative hearings – not in state court. These proceedings are supposed to be neutral. In practice, however, proceedings generally favor the government over the employee. Do not attempt to represent yourself; it is in your best interests to consult with experienced lawyers before the start of your case.

At Creitz & Serebin, we have decades of experience representing government workers. We understand the nuances of state benefits’ processes and know how to position your case to your best advantage. Over the years, we have obtained millions of dollars in denied benefits on behalf of our clients. Together, we will get you the disability and retirement benefits you have earned.

In addition to disability and retirement benefits, we also represent government sector employees who have been wrongfully denied health benefits, and life insurance and accidental death benefits.

I was referred to [Joe Creitz] by one of his peers who recommended him highly based upon his expertise and track record handling similar claims … In the end, he delivered and drove my case to a resolution that was equitable. I would highly recommend Joe Creitz.

Vindicate Your Rights

Being denied promised benefits is frustrating and stressful. For experienced lawyers with a hard-earned track record of success, contact Creitz & Serebin LLP. To schedule a consultation, call 415-466-3090.