Protecting Your Right To ERISA Life Insurance Benefits

To help ease the financial burden after a death, many employers provide life insurance and accidental death policies to their employees. Unfortunately, when it comes time for families to collect, they often struggle to obtain promised benefits.

Located in San Francisco, Creitz & Serebin LLP helps families in San Jose, throughout the Bay Area and across the country appeal denied life insurance and accidental death benefit claims, and obtain the benefits they need to support their families during times of grief.

ERISA Life Insurance Denial Appeals

Insurance companies will find any reason – no matter how small – to deny life insurance and accidental death benefits. Common reasons for a denial include:

  • Errors on the initial insurance application that cause the policy to be void
  • Suicide, or allegations that the death was not an accident
  • Alcohol- or drug-related death
  • Beneficiary errors

At Creitz & Serebin, our lawyers have more than 45 combined years of experience appealing denied ERISA benefit claims. During that time we have perfected the art of litigation. We are known by our peers and former clients as highly skilled legal advocates who are dedicated to vindicating our clients’ rights.

My case was delayed by my employer for nearly a year and was a difficult one; Joseph Creitz helped me navigate all the requirements to win it successfully.

Committed To Excellence, Committed To You

Having your benefits claim denied can place undue pressure on already grieving families. At Creitz & Serebin LLP, we are selective about the cases we take. Our attorneys keep their caseload limited so they can devote their full time and energy to each client. Protect your rights, and get the benefits you have earned under the law. Call 415-466-3090 or complete our online intake form to schedule a consultation.