Dedicated Legal Advocates Representing Employees And Insureds During ERISA Retirement Benefit Disputes

Employees often participate in employer-directed retirement programs, such as 401(k) plans, and defined benefit or defined contribution plans. These retirement savings programs are governed by ERISA – a federal statute that safeguards employee benefit plans. Unfortunately, many employees find themselves receiving a lower retirement payout than promised or being denied retirement benefits outright.

At Creitz & Serebin LLP, we are dedicated to assisting employees in obtaining their benefits. Located in San Francisco, our attorneys represent employees throughout the Bay Area and the nation in ERISA retirement benefit claims.

45 Combined Years Of Experience Helping Employees Vindicate Their Rights

If your claim for retirement benefits has been denied, it is imperative to consult with experienced lawyers who understand ERISA benefits.

At Creitz & Serebin LLP, our strategic thinking, litigation acumen and track record of success set us apart from the pack. Over the years, we earned a reputation as exceptional litigators, having successfully resolved a wide variety of individual and class-action retirement benefits-related claims.

Our experience includes claims involving:

  • Deficient retirement benefit payouts
  • Disputes regarding eligibility
  • Conversions from defined benefit plans or defined contribution plans to cash balance plans, and conversions from guaranteed employer contributions to discretionary contributions
Joe Creitz’s leadership brought focus to myself and the entire trial team, and his dominant courtroom performance won my case.

Protect Your Retirement Benefits

If you have been wrongly denied retirement benefits, or are being paid less than what was promised in your plan – contact our firm. We will help you vindicate your rights and obtain the benefits you need. Call 415-466-3090 to schedule a consultation.