Vindicating Your Rights During Bad Faith Insurance Claims

As individuals, we buy insurance to provide us with peace of mind. If we become injured in an accident, when we get sick or if our home becomes damaged, we rely on insurance to pay the benefits we need to seek medical treatment and repair property damage. Unfortunately, many insurance companies wrongfully deny benefits claims.

The denial of an insurance claim based on false or flimsy pretenses can cause profound financial harm. You have the right to bring a claim against your insurance company if it engages in bad faith practices.

At Creitz & Serebin LLP, our firm has been recognized by other lawyers, judges and former clients for providing exceptional legal services. Our highest priority is maximizing the benefits you receive. Individuals in San Francisco, San Jose, the Bay Area and across the country turn to our legal team for assistance with bad faith insurance claims.

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Bad Faith Insurance Claims: Protecting Your Rights

In California, insurance companies are legally required to act honestly and in good faith. However, many continue to engage in bad faith behaviors, such as delaying processes and payments, underpaying claims, terminating policies, disputing coverage and denying claims outright:

  • Health insurance companies often deny medical coverage for what they deem “unnecessary” medical treatments, experimental medicines or in-patient mental health care.
  • Disability insurance is often denied by insurers due to a “lack” of medical proof of disability.
  • Life insurance is denied for issues related to alcohol or drugs, due to suicide and for many other reasons.
  • Homeowners insurance benefits are often underpaid or deemed outside the scope of the policy.
  • Long-term care insurance benefits are denied for many reasons. Oftentimes, insurance companies will attempt to justify denials by unreasonably interpreting the language of the policy.
At Creitz & Serebin, our attorneys are experienced insurance litigators. We stand up to the country’s largest insurers and force them to pay the benefits our clients have earned.

Maximizing Your Recovery During Bad Faith Insurance Disputes

Over the years, we have recovered many millions of dollars on our clients’ behalf. Our lawyers build solid legal strategies that overcome the insurance companies’ reasons for denials. For help vindicating your rights, contact Creitz & Serebin at 415-466-3090.